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These two stills are from a Youtube video of A. Leslie Berry, Borough Architect where he explains his 'village" concept where pedestrians and cars are kept apart. It was in the 1960's and he was on Beacon Lough East, though the ill conceived St Cuthbert's Village was already on the stocks

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 Beacon Lough East Estate, Gateshead
Photographer:  Unknown
Date:  1969
Reference Number:  GL002503


The entrance to Balmlaw, under construction

Beacon Lough East Estate, Gateshead
Photographer:  The Studio, Low Fell
Date:  1968
Reference Number:  GL002543

Beacon Lough Flats, Gateshead
Photographer:  Turner
Date:  1968
Reference Number:  GL002557
Also showing the ancient mound and trees

Beacon Lough East Estate, Gateshead
Photographer:  Turner
Date:  Date Unknown
Reference Number:  GL002508

Beacon Lough East Estate, Gateshead
Photographer:  The Studio, Low Fell
Date:  17/04/1970
Reference Number:  GL002509

The following pics, taken 2015, show how well these houses have fared in the past 50+ years, albeit they've now got, as they should have had in the first place, pitched roofs (about 1990). It's a pity he got St Cuthbert's Village so wrong which was gone in only 25 years

Whilst the majority of the estate prospers...well except for the pub...150 houses were demolished. Fennel, for example is no more but for the Gateshead Housing Error fans and the illegally parked horses a street sign has been kindly left marking where Fennel once was

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